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I think many of us could use some inspiration and diversion from what 2020 has wrought upon us. It has not been an easy year and it's easy to get depressed and lose that desire to pick up our cameras and record the world as we eagerly did during happier times. Here are some links to some of Facebook's photography groups that may inspire you. Some of them are private and you may need to join the group in order to post your own photos or view theirs, but the process is usually just a few easy clicks.

Like birds? Check out the Minnesota Birding Photography group. Not only do they post some awesome photos, but many photographers will tell you the area where the bird was sighted. They'll also help identify a bird you've photographed and don't recognize.

Just looking for photos of the land of 10,000 lakes? Try The Minnesota Photography Club for some amazing photos of Minnesota locations. Currently, Minnesota photographers are posting many candid photos of the protests around the Twin Cities that are well worth looking at.

Now that our gardens are in bloom, it's a great time to photograph fresh blooming flowers. While the lilacs are beginning to die out, I see irises and peonies beginning to bloom. Try the Phlorography - Artistic Floral Photography Facebook page for some really breathtaking photos.

Macro enthusiasts will enjoy Macro Madness, a Facebook group started by macro guru Mike Moats, or the Macro Critters Group if you like photographing smaller wildlife.

Landscapes? Try Landscape Photography or Landscapes/Seascapes/Cityscapes to see photo inspiration from all over the world.

As most of us learn new cooking skills and spend more time preparing our own food, check out Food Photography, a group that focuses on food photos. Get some inspiration to make those Instagramable food photos.

Let's not forget our faithful companions, the ones who may not understand what's going on in the world, but they're always there to make you feel better. For dog lovers check out Dog Photography and for cat lovers there's Cat Photography. There's also Facebook groups for any other pet you can imagine; birds, rodents, reptiles and hedgehogs. The list seems endless.

Looking to try something new? Visit Fine Art & Long Exposure Photography or Crystal Balls* for some jaw-dropping images.

There are thousands of Facebook photography groups to provide inspiration and instruction on any subject you may be interested in. Check them out! You won't be disappointed and you'll soon be itching to pick that camera up again.

*A word of caution:if you're thinking of buying a crystal ball -- or any purchase for that matter these days -- buyer beware. I ordered one from Lensball.com, a company headquartered in the Netherlands, on April 8. Eight weeks later, I'm still waiting. Despite doing some of research ahead of the purchase, I did not know the product was being shipped from China until the order left the warehouse and I received the Chinese tracking number. Needless to say, it's still sitting in a Chinese shipping yard. This week I tried to cancel and get a refund, but they said they couldn't do that because it's already been shipped. The frustrating thing is that they're still running ads on social media and trying to sell a product they can't deliver.

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