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Fields of Flowers

Spring is in the air and I’m looking forward to photographing outdoor flowers again. In late May or early June, fields of lupines can be found at the Sherburne NWR near Zimmerman and in May The Arb will have brilliant displays of tulips, daffodils and magnolias. I love looking over a field of flowers or a garden full of colorful blooms, but haven’t had the best of luck capturing that love with my camera. So I Googled and found some of these tips you may also find helpful.

Basically, a field of flowers is a landscape photo and the same rules apply; use leading lines, create depth, use the rule of thirds, etc. Here are some more tips:

· If possible, use a wide angle lens or set your zoom lens on the widest possible focal length. Select a narrow aperture, around f/16. Going narrower can sometimes be counter productive, losing sharpness instead of gaining it.

· Choose a few flowers to place in the near foreground and use them as the focal point of your composition.

· Try to place something in your composition that will draw your viewer's eye into the photograph; a leading line, mountains in the background (not in Minnesota!).

· Place your point of focus about one third of the way into the scene for the best focus from foreground to background.

· If you want flowers to be the subject, try getting down on the ground and snap photos level with the flowers, again choosing a few flowers in the foreground to use as your focal point.

· Use your tripod! Personally, I just carry mine around with me or leave it in the car, but this is the year I’m going to start using it.

· We know that the golden hour will provide flattering light to everything you photograph. Try early in the morning or at sunset for the best light conditions. However, keep in mind that some flowers don’t fully open until the sun is high in the sky.

· Take both horizontal and vertical images. Try some wide-angle compositions, move a little closer for some medium photos and try some close-ups.

If you want to learn more, here are two sites I found helpful: Digital Photo Secrets and Nature TTL.


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