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Have You Played With Presets?

There is free photo stuff all over the internet. Tutorials, classes, advice. My recent personal favorites are some free presets I received from Serge Ramelli for simply signing up for his free newsletter at photoserge.com. These presets can be used with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. They may work for other photo programs, but these are the two I'm familiar with.

On a trip to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, I took this photo of the badlands. It's not bad, but not terrific either. This is what it looks like straight out of the camera.

Then I added Serge Ramelli's sunset preset:

Still not perfect, but I can make adjustments; darken the sky, tone down the orange on the left. Could I have done this on my own? Probably, but this was quicker and the presets give me a quick look at what could be.

Here's one I took at night in Des Moines, Iowa. It almost went into the trash bin.

Then I added Serge Ramelli's American Night Lighter preset, did a closer crop and got this:

A lot more drama, and I can make further adjustments to make it my own, but I have a good jumping off point with these presets. He also offers some black and white presets and bad weather presets that can really add drama to the right photo. Finding the right photo is the key. These presets won't improve all of your photos, but it can add some interest and drama to many of them and maybe point you in a direction you may have not thought about going in for that photo.

I've also purchased presets from 2 Lil' Owls ( https://2lilowls.com/ ). The original photo is on the far right and the other two have been given very subtle presets: Carnival 8 (on the left) and Deliciously Matte 18 (in the middle). There are many more adjustments in these collections and they're fun to work with.

The new update to Lightroom also has a number of fun presets that are easy to play with. Try them out and see the difference they can make in your photos.

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