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Those New Year's Resolutions

We all know our well meant New Year's Resolutions begin each year -- and how quickly they fall by the roadside. So why not set yourself a goal that's fun? Take more photos! Make this the year you stretch yourself and photographing something you usually don't go out of your way to photograph.

This little guy was photographed from my front door

For a lot of us, the challenge is getting outside to take photographs in the winter. It's January and it's Minnesota. So far, we've been lucky; our winter has been mild. So, no excuses. Dust off the camera and go out there. You don't even have to leave your backyard. Photograph the frost. Capture the falling snow. Use your macro lens to photograph snowflakes. There are still Christmas lights on display to create some dazzling night shots. Go out to the Minnesota Zoo. The animals on the northern trail love the cold and you might be lucky enough to catch the tigers frolicing in the snow. Just be sure you dress for the weather, bring your hand warmers and extra batteries and take precautions not to slip on the ice. Here are some more ideas for winter shooting : https://contrastly.com/photo-ideas-to-try-this-winter/

If you really don't want to spend your time outdoors, set up some still life in your kitchen or living room and take advantage of the winter light. Go to a local museum or shopping mall and practice your street photography by capturing candid shots of people.

And if that doesn't appeal to you, the winter is a good time to organize all of those old photos, or watch some videos and learn some new skills.

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